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Religion and Change in Modern Britain: Conversations with the Authors

Religion and Change in Modern Britain: Conversations with the Authors

16 February 12

Published by Routledge, February 2012, edited by Linda Woodhead and Rebecca Catto

This book has brought together a team of leading scholars, including many involved with Religion and Society, to present a fresh and comprehensive view of religion in Britain since 1945. Below you can access podcasts of some of the book's authors in conversation with Norman Winter about their contributions and further ideas these raise:

  • Professor Linda Woodhead, Director of the Religion and Society Programme, and Dr Rebecca Catto, Research Associate, who edited the book. Linda Woodhead also wrote the Introduction and co-wrote Chapter 5 “God-change”. Rebecca Catto co-wrote Chapter 12 “The Religious and the Secular”. Listen here
  • Professor Paul Weller, University of Derby, co-wrote Chapter 1 “Controversies as a Lens on Change”. Listen here
  • Dr Shuruq Naguib, University of Lancaster, co-wrote Chapter 5 “God-change”. Listen here
  • Dr Adam Dinham, Goldsmiths University of London, and Director of the faiths and Civil Society Unit, co-wrote Chapter 8 “Religion, Welfarte and Education. Listen here
  • Professor Gordon Lynch, Michael Ramsay Professor of Modern Theology at the University of Kent, co-wrote Chapter 10 “Cultural Perspectives”. Listen here
  • Dr Sarah Johnsen, Heriot-Watt University, wrote Case Study 6 “The  Role of Faith-Based Organizations in Service Provision for Homeless People”. Listen here

Podcasts compiled by Norman Winter.

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