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A list of print media articles featuring award holders. Some may be downloaded directly or accessed from the Web.

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  • Saint George, the canon and a flood of right-wing hate
    The Independent

    Author: Jonathan Brown

    This article discusses the hate mail co-investigator on Religion and Society funded project The Faerie Queene Now! Revd Canon Andrew Shanks has received with the decision to cast a young black man as St George in the play developed (22nd April 2011).

  • Religious leaders are out of touch with issues of sexuality, survey reveals
    The Guardian Online

    Author: Chris Arnot

    This article on the results of a large research project about religion, youth and sexuality led by Dr Andrew Yip at Nottingham University and funded by the Religion and Society Programme appeared online on Monday 21st March 2011. Listen to researchers Michael Keenan and Sarah Page discuss the research here and read the project's report here.

  • Cameron, 'multiculturalism' and education about religions and beliefs

    Author: Robert Jackson

    Writing for the beliefs and values thinktank Ekklesia, Robert Jackson, who is Professor of Education at the University of Warwick and Director of Warwick Religions and Education Research Unit, says that “peaceful coexistence depends on knowledge about each other’s religions and worldviews and sharing common interests as well as doing things together.” Bob is leading Religion and Society funded project Young People's Attitudes to Religious Diversity.

  • Examining the cornerstones of Urban Methodism
    Methodist Recorder

    Author: Angela Connelly

    PhD student on Phase 1 Collaborative Studentship Methodist Central Halls as Public Sacred Space Angela Connelly wrote this piece published 18th March 2008. Listen to Angela discussing the research here.

  • The daughter's case
    The Sunday Tribune

    Author: Tej Purewal

    This piece by Phase 1 Large Grant holder Tej Purewal appeared on 17th May 2009. Link

  • Interview with the London College of Fashion
    H2O pink label Interviews

    Author: -

    Phase 3 Small Grant holder Reina Lewis from the London College of Fashion was recently interviewed about her project Modest Dressing: faith-based fashion and internet retail by H2O pink label, an Orthodox Jewish New York-based company involved in the study.

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