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A list of print media articles featuring award holders. Some may be downloaded directly or accessed from the Web.

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  • Now You're Talking
    War Cry

    Author: Philip Halcrow

    Philip Halcrow, Editor of War Cry, interviews Professor Linda Woodhead and the Rt Hon Charles Clarke about why they began the Westminster Faith Debates

  • Women and the Church
    The Church of England Newspaper

    Author: unaccredited

    An article in The Church of England newspaper about the Westminster Faith Debate 14th March 2014 refers to YouGov poll results, Professor Linda Woodhead and Lancaster University

  • Religious guilt levels revealed in new poll
    Church of England Newspaper

    Author: Amaris Cole

    Article in Church of England newspaper 10th March 2013 refers to poll, WFD and Linda Woodhead

  • Survey yields surprising data
    The Methodist Recorder

    Author: Not specified

    Article in The Methodist Recorder referencing WFD 27.2.2013

  • First Things First
    The Tablet

    Author: Not specified

    An article in The Tablet referencing WFD 13th Feburary 2013

  • Sex rears its head
    The Tablet

    Author: Not specified

    An article in The Tablet 23rd February 2013 referencing WFD 27th February 2013

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