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A list of print media articles featuring award holders. Some may be downloaded directly or accessed from the Web.

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  • Wide majorities of most UK faiths support assisted suicide
    Religion News Service (RNS) Washington, DC

    Author: Trevor Grundy

    An article about the YouGov Poll results on assisted suicide, references WFD.

  • Britisk flertal for aktiv dodshjaelp

    Author: Bjarne Norum

    An article on Danish website, Etik.dk, referring to the Westminster Faith Debate on 2nd May 2013.

  • Christians back change in assisted suicide law, poll finds
    The Times

    Author: Ruth Gledhill and Frances Gibb

    An article in The Times, 1.5.2013, references WFD, Prof Linda Woodhead and Lancaster University

  • Debate gets hotter
    Church of England Newspaper

    Author: unaccredited

    An article in the Church of England Newspaper, 28.4.2013, references WFD and Linda Woodhead

  • Ties that bind and divide
    The Tablet

    Author: Linda Woodhead, Steve Chalke & John Milbank

    An article in The Tablet, 20.4.2013, written by Professor Linda Woodhead, Rev Steve Chalke and Prof John Milbank, who participated in the WFD on 18.4.2013

  • New families, old values
    The Tablet

    Author: unaccredited

    Article in The Tablet, 13.4.2013, references WFD, Prof Linda Woodhead, Lancaster University, Arts & Humanities Research Council and Economic & Social Research Council. Featuring analysis of the Debate by two of the participants, Fr Andrew Goddard and Professor Rosalind Edwards.

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