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Spiritual Progression Conference – Giselle Vincett

17 March 11

Spiritual Progression in Economic Recession? Giselle Vincett of the University of Edinburgh presented the sixth “Think Piece” at this day conference held in Chester on 17th March 2011.

She presented reflections based on the research and findings of a project based in Glasgow and Manchester, which had investigated the spiritual beliefs of young people in neighbourhoods labelled as severely deprived. The team from Edinburgh and Manchester had been funded by the Religion and Society Programme.

The project had required careful thought in framing appropriate ways of asking questions which would engage these young people, many of whom had experienced traumatic loss or hardship in some way. It also meant contacting those who were alienated in many ways from both faith-based and other institutions. The predominant though sometimes nominal faith background was Christian or Muslim.

The kind of God they generally believed in was one who could be prayed to and who would intervene to help at hard times. If God didn’t live up to expectations, that would be a reason to talk about losing belief. But the researchers had also looked for expressions of belief in the clothing, scars, stories and rituals of these young people, and their talk of angels and ghosts looking out for them. Read more about the conference and access further podcasts from here. Duration: 13:55.

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