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Spiritual Progression Conference – Francis Davis

17 March 11

Spiritual Progression in Economic Recession? Francis Davis of the Young Foundation delivers the first “Think Piece” at this day conference held in Chester on 17th March 2011.

Francis Davis has been an advisor to government, both the last Labour administration and the present Coalition, on faith and society. He began by stressing the need for clarity in terminology regarding faith, religion and spirituality, and staying abreast of where government is getting its ideas from with regard to changing society. Today’s ideas are derived from business management, economics and behavioural theory.

What is being proposed is to return various rights and duties from bureaucracies to the public sphere. One can either complain, or respond positively. New and practical ways forward are being discussed for collaboration and innovation in this changed set of relationships between state and public. Already nine of London’s faith organisations have joined up to create a Social Finance Bond of £250k. The Localism Bill will open up opportunities right across the country. Read more about the conference and access further podcasts from here. Duration: 13:47.

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