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Spiritual Progression Conference - Anna Thompson

17 March 11

Spiritual Progression in Economic Recession? Anna Thompson, the Eden Network National Development Co-ordinator for the Message Trust, delivers the fifth “Think Piece” at this day conference held in Chester on 17th March 2011.

She lives in Openshaw, Greater Manchester, just one locality where members of Eden Network teams have chosen to make their homes in communities in which there are multiple needs. They seek, as Christians, to be engaged in transforming these neighbourhoods, with a special emphasis on young people and their families. “We’re committed to remain, no matter what happens in our community. We’re committed to seeing it regenerated, in the broadest sense of that word.”

Eden teams base their strategy on an incarnational principle, of becoming one with the communities they care for. Within these neighbourhoods, said Anna Thompson, they could help people find a voice, and discover their significance. This, she said, was even more important than empowerment, as a step in discovering transformation. Read more about the conference and access further podcasts from here. Duration: 15:18.

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