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Spiritual Progression Conference - Ali Saeidi Q&A

17 March 11

Spiritual Progression in Economic Recession? Ali Saeidi of the University of Tehran responds to questions following his keynote lecture at this day conference held in Chester on 17th March 2011. Dr Ali Saeidi is Associate Professor of Sociology at the Department of Social Planning at the University of Tehran. He began his keynote lecture with a general observation that social policy in any society derives from particular characteristics of its peoples, for instance American society’s embracing of risk. He moved on to raise questions about the relationship between rights and the structuring of society, questioning the necessity for nations to follow the stages in which social policy had developed in European countries.

Iran’s period of economic downturn had resulted in family units being drawn closer together to support, for instance, unemployed younger family members. There had also been growth in non-state organisations providing social welfare. He proceeded to analyse the development of social welfare provision in post-revolution Iran, including the role of faith-based organisations. Read more about the conference and access further podcasts from here. Duration: 18:22.

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