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Roger Jeffery

08 April 10

Professor Roger Jeffery (Edinburgh University) presents the study Learning at the Swami's Feet, a comparative study of three Hindu schools in the South Indian state of Karnataka funded by Phase 2 of the Religion and Society Programme. He refers to his colleagues Professor Patricia Jeffery and Dr Aya Ikegame. This podcast is a recording of a presentation made at the April 2010 BSA Sociology of Religion Study Group Annual Conference as part of a special Programme seminar (a podcast of the presentation by fellow award holders Gavin Miller and Steven Sutcliffe is also available). Roger refers at one point to the wording of a 12th century text chanted by pupils at one of the schools in the study. The text reads: 'Do not steal, do not slay, do not tell lies, Do not get angry, do not think others are inferior, Do not praise yourself, do not disrespect others. This is the only way to purify yourself, This is the way to please our god!' Access the accompanying Powerpoint below. [14min50sec]

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