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Mediating Modesty: Disscussion, Session One

15 June 11

Mediating Modesty: Fashioning Faithful Bodies

Discussion at the symposium held at the London College of Fashion on 15th June 2011. The event was hosted by the research project, part of the Religion and Society Programme, funded by the UK Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences Research Councils.

Session One discussion, chaired by Frances Corner, with panellists Reina Lewis and Annelies Moors

Discussion and comments covered issues including the representation of modesty in pictures, questions of sexualisation in imagery and modelling, authenticity in the context of modesty blogging, the relationship of modest dress retailing to the fashion mainstream, the geographical 

locations and cultural contexts of online modest webstores, the special case of prohibition in France, observations from a women’s inter-faith standpoint, and underlying questions of the history of fashion in faith contexts.

[The audience was invited to join in making comments and putting questions to the speakers following each session of the symposium. For technical reasons the quality of the recorded sound is poorer than in the main conference addresses.] 29.49

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