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Mark Sedgwick

07 March 12

Mark Sedgwick, Professor of Arab and Islamic Studies at Aarhus University, is a leading academic expert on the subject of radicalisation. In these podcasts he talks with Norman Winter about the problems associated with the term “radicalisation”.

This conversation, recorded in March 2012, is available in a single podcast on this page (29.38) or in three shorter sections.

1) A brief introduction to the topic of radicalisation. Access here.

2) More detailed consideration of the process of radicalisation. Access here.

3) Specific problems associated with the term “radicalisation”. Access here.

Mark Sedgwick taught Arab History at the American University in Cairo, Egypt, for 20 years before moving back to Europe. He is currently studying counter-radicalisation strategies in various countries.

He believes there are dangers associated with counter-radicalisation strategies which fail to understand the complexity of the path to violence, or unduly emphasise a religious component in that process.

Visit radicalisationresearch.org for more information on the topic. Mark Sedgwick is a member of the website's advisory board, and he also spoke at the 7 March 2012 Westminster Faith Debate 'What have we learned about radicalisation?'

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