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Linda Woodhead and Rebecca Catto: Religion and Change

16 February 12

Linda Woodhead and Rebecca Catto are the editors of Religion and Change in Modern Britain (published Feb 2012 by Routledge). In this podcast they are in conversation with Norman Winter. Linda Woodhead also wrote the Introduction and co-wrote Chapter 5 “God-change”. Rebecca Catto co-wrote the final chapter “The Religious and the Secular”.

Professor Woodhead is Director of the Religion and Society Programme, and Dr Catto is the programme’s Research Associate. This podcast explores a central theme running through the book: the nature of religion in Britain has changed, and it remains significant in public life, contrary to the predictions made by many sociologists. They also discuss the multi-faceted approach which was used in addressing the wide range of themes embraced in the publication, including the principle of co-authorship behind each chapter.

Duration: 22.20

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