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British Religion in Numbers April 2010

08 April 10

A great leap forward in accessing facts and figures on religion in Britain has been made possible by a project funded by the Religion and Society Programme. Leading scholars David Voas and Clive Field with a team based at the University of Manchester this month [April 2010] launched a new free-to-use website which will be of immense value to academic researchers as well as to government, private enterprises, journalists, and anyone wanting authoritative and up-to-date data on British religion. British Religion in Numbers [BRIN] catalogues published data on religion in Britain covering a period of 4 centuries, and draws already from over 1700 sources. It breaks new ground in including opinion poll data and is comprehensively searchable.

Here David Voas and Siobhan McAndrew talk about BRIN. They describe the numerical data and opinion surveys brought together for the first time, its value to researchers and other users, and the innovations like visualisations and up-to-date commentaries made possible by creating BRIN as a website. [16min39sec] Listen to a short extract of the interview describing the resource here and one on the behind-the-scenes work going into it here. Read Siobhan's recent article on the project in The Guardian's Comment is Free belief section here.

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