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Listen to or download podcasts of interviews with the Programme director and some award holders about their projects here. Hear what it is like to conduct research on religion and society and discussion of some of the issues arising. You can also access some audio outputs from projects. All recordings are produced by Norman Winter <<Audio content for broadcast and internet>> and owned by the AHRC/ESRC Religion and Society Programme, unless otherwise stated. Click here to subscribe to our Podcast RSS Feed

    Programme Director

    Director of the Religion and Society Programme Professor Linda Woodhead talks about it and the various projects.

    Linda Woodhead 1 Oct 2009

    09 October 09

    Programme Director Linda Woodhead talks about the scope and scale of the Religion and Society Research Programme, including examples of ...
    Linda Woodhead Complete Interview Oct 2009

    01 October 09

    Director Linda Woodhead talks about the Religion and Society Research Programme, including examples of commissioned projects, research findings on selected ...

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    Conversations with Researchers

    Listen to people discussing their research and its findings.

    Emilia Jamroziak Oct 2009

    21 October 09

    Phase 1 Small Grant holder Emilia Jamroziak describes her research into the survival and success of Cistercian monasteries in border ...
    Methodist Central Halls as Public Sacred Spaces

    08 April 10

    Religious architecture has left a mark on Britain’s landscape. But in the centres of cities and major towns buildings can ...

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    Bonus Material

    Listen to externally produced podcasts related to Religion and Society funded research.

    Sweet Sikhi

    07 February 10

    Hear doctoral student on Phase 2 Collaborative Studentship Keeping the Faith: The transmission of Sikhism among young British Sikhs (18-30) ...
    Gordon Lynch Belief Network Talk

    18 September 09

    A workshop exploring the conceptualization of belief in different disciplines and research contexts was organised by Phase 2 Network 'Belief as ...

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    From Events

    Here you can hear/download talks from events organised by Religion and Society.

    Steven Sutcliffe and Gavin Miller

    08 April 10

    The theory and practice of psychotherapy has a distinctive character and history in Scotland. There are demonstrable and clear links between ...
    Faith and Policy - Francis Davis – Session 2

    01 July 10

    Does faith make no difference? Francis Davis of the Young Foundation, addressing Session 2 of the Faith and Policy Conference hosted ...

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