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Many projects have not only led to academic publications and media appearances, but also reports for participants, policy makers and user groups as well as other papers. Those that award holders have supplied may be downloaded.

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  • EHRC Research Report 48 ‘Religion or belief’: Identifying issues and priorities
    18 December 09

    Author: Linda Woodhead with Rebecca Catto

    Director of the Religion and Society Programme Professor Linda Woodhead has written a report on 'religion or belief' for the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), with the assistance of the Programme's RA Dr Rebecca Catto. The report results from a series of seminars we were commissioned to organise for the EHRC bringing together experts in the area in order to identify issues and priorities for this equality strand the EHRC has a new responsibility for.

    Visit website to access report

  • Police-Muslim Engagement and Partnerships
    18 November 08

    Author: Basia Spalek, Salwa El Awa and Laura Zahra McDonald

    This is the summary report (full title 'Police-Muslim Engagement and Partnerships for the Purposes of Counter-terrorism: an examination') from Phase 1 Small Grant Muslim Communities in the Prevention of Violent Extremism amongst Muslim Youth.

    Visit website to access report

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