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Journal articles arising from Programme research are listed here and some may be accessed directly.

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  • "The Sutta on Understanding Death in the Transmission of Borān Meditation From Siam to the Kandyan Court."
    Journal of Indian Philosophy (2012)

    Author: Crosby, Kate, Andrew Skilton, and Amal Gunasena

    (2012) Volume 1-22. Article from Religion & Society Project  Yogavacara Traditions in Theravada Buddhist Societies

  • Sacramental sharing in Roman Catholic canon law
    Ecclesiastical Law Journal

    Author: Eithne D’Auria

    This article by the PhD student on Phase 1 Collaborative Studenthsip 'The Dialogue between Society and Religion in the use of Professional Experts in the Roman Catholic church, with particular reference to Marriage Cases' was published in 2007, vol. 9, no 3, pp 264-287: http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displayAbstract?fromPage=online&aid=1311336

  • Keeping the Faith: Reflections on religious nurture among young British Sikhs
    Journal of Beliefs and Values

    Author: Jasjit Singh

    Volume 33 (3) (2012), pp. 369-383.  Article from Religion and Society Programme project Keeping the Faith: The transmissions of "Sikhism" among young British Sikhs (18-30)

  • Head First: A Study of the perspectives of young British Sikhs on Hair and the Turban
    Journal of Contemporary Religion

    Author: Jasjit Singh

    (2010) Volume 25 (2), pp. 203 – 220.  Article from Religion and Society Project Keeping the Faith: The transmissions of "Sikhism" among young British Sikhs (18-30)

  • Masculinities and Religion in Kaduna, Nigeria: A Struggle for Continuity at a Time of Change
    Religion and Gender

    Author: Colette Harris

    Volume 2:2 (2012) Article from Religion and Society Programme project Religion, Identity and Violence in Kaduna State, Nigeria.  Read article here

  • Multi-faith Spaces in Contemporary Western Society: Towards a Theological Understanding
    Interreligious Insight

    Author: Terry Biddington

    December 2010 Issue, available here.  An article from Religion and Society Programme project Multi-faith Spaces

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