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[Image] The organ being constructed for the project

Voices and Organs before the Reformation

10 February 12

Bangor Cathedral, Friday 10 to Sunday 12 February 2012

This three-day research event will focus on the unique medieval organ made for Religion and Society-funded project The Experience of Worship in late Medieval Cathedral and Parish Church . The organ, currently ‘in residence’ in Bangor Cathedral, has been specifically designed and constructed to accommodate changes in performance practice, allowing research into sixteenth- and seventeenth-century repertoire for organ, and organ with voices. Workshops exploring the relationship of pre-Reformation Latin chant, choral polyphony, improvised polyphony and organ polyphony, and of post-Reformation choral music with organ accompaniment, will be led by Professor John Harper (Bangor University), Dr Magnus Williamson (Newcastle University), and Andrew Johnstone (Trinity College, Dublin). The organ will also be used for Latin Compline, sung on Friday at 5.30, and for the two Sunday services (Morning Eucharist at 11.00, and Evensong at 3.15), all with plainchant and polyphony sung by the Schola of St Teilo. Other artefacts made for the project will be on display.

All welcome. Admission free.
For further details see http://www.bangor.ac.uk/music/AHRC/documents/BangorFebruary2012Flyer_web.pdf

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