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Religion, Youth and Sexuality

25 February 11

Friday, 25th February 2011, 10:30 – 16:30, at the East Midlands Conference Centre, University of Nottingham

This one-day event will explore a number of key findings from the project Religion, Youth and Sexuality: A Multi-faith Exploration and some recommendations to faith groups, policy makers, and young people.  It will also include responses from invited guests, and provide a space in which you can explore the ideas raised with other participants.

The Programme of the day will include:

·        Presentations of key findings from the research team members: Dr. Andrew Yip (Principal Investigator, University of Nottingham). Dr. Michael Keenan (Co-Investigator, Nottingham Trent University), Dr. Sarah-Jane Page (Research Fellow, University of Nottingham);

·        Responses to the research report from: Janine Clements (Director of Jewish Action and Training for Sexual Health); Dr. Philip Henry (Director of the Multi-faith Centre at University of Derby);

·        Audience discussions.

This conference is free to invited guests and lunch and refreshments will be provided. All conference delegates will also receive a copy of the RYS project report. To find out more about the project please visit www.nottingham.ac.uk/sociology/rys

Listen to the researchers on this project discussing it in podcasts from here.

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