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Religion in Education: Julia Ipgrave

25 July 11

Held at the University of Warwick, 25th-26th July 2011

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Julia Ipgrave [WRERU, University of Warwick]

Young People’s Attitudes to Religious Diversity: A Qualitative Perspective

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Dr Julia Ipgrave is a member of a team from the University of Warwick studying young people’s attitudes to religious diversity from both qualitative and quantitative perspectives [Visit the project website]. Funded by Religion and Society, the research is based in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales with the addition of London as a special case. The research is investigating the attitudes of 13-16-year-old students from a variety of socio-economic, cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Abstract: A current study in the Warwick Religions and Education Research Unit (WRERU) at the University of Warwick is investigating the attitudes of 13-16-year-old pupils from a variety of geographic, demographic and cultural contexts across the United Kingdom. It is a three-year study (2009-2012) funded by the ESRC/AHRC Religion and Society Programme. The project combines qualitative and quantitative research methods to explore pupils’ attitudes to religious diversity and the factors that shape those attitudes—an area about which little research has been conducted to date. The paper will discuss the way theory and method have been approached in this project so that one can inform the other. It will then focus on the first qualitative stage and use material from focus group discussions with young people to demonstrate how data gathered at the local level poses challenges to some common understandings of the role of religious education in promoting religious tolerance.

Report and podcasts compiled by Norman Winter. Abstract taken from the conference programme. Recordings of the symposium sessions are substantially complete, but may have been edited in small ways for technical and other reasons.

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