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Religion in Education: Findings from the Religion and Society Programme

25 July 11


To listen to sessions of the conference and read paper abstracts, use the links on this and subsequent pages.

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Held at Scarman Conference Centre, University of Warwick, Mon 25th and Tues 26th July 2011

This conference brought together research teams which had been awarded grants within the youth call of the Religion and Society Programme as well as other related projects. The focus of the conference was on young people. The presentations included topics related to religious education in schools and religious nurture or socialisation within families, communities or peer groups.

These pages feature selected presentations from the conference. A number of the papers presented at the conference are also due to appear in published form in a special issue of the Journal of Beliefs and Values

Featured speakers

[Follow these links to read abstracts and to listen to these presentations. Some were accompanied by screen presentations which for copyright reasons we are not able to include.]

A report on this conference by Bill Gent can be found on the websites of WRERU and the University of Warwick Institute of Education. View it here. The original conference programme can be downloaded below.

Report and podcasts compiled by Norman Winter. Recordings of the symposium sessions are substantially complete, but may have been edited in small ways for technical and other reasons.

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