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Growing Up in Poor Places: Current Challenges and Critical Perspectives

11 January 11

11, 12 January 2011, Edinburgh

Growing Up in Poor Places: Current Challenges and Critical Perspectives

11, 12 January, Edinburgh

This workshop brings together researchers, policy makers and practitioners working with and amongst young people in areas of economic and social deprivation. Our aim is to reflect upon the current experiences of young people growing up in such contexts, and to consider what emerging research tells us about their lived experiences and their social wellbeing. Themes to be explored in the workshop include:

  • social and emotional wellbeing
  • spiritual development
  • experiences of violence and loss
  • processes of marginalization
  • diverse communities and difference
  • gendered accounts of exclusion
  • education, employment, and transitions to adulthood
  • youth services/voluntary sector

The workshop will include research presentations and practitioner reflections, with an emphasis on group discussion to share perspectives. 

Confirmed speakers: Prof. Rob MacDonald (Teesside University); Prof. Malcolm Hill (Strathclyde University); Young Scot; Kathleen Marshall (children’s rights lawyer and former Children’s Commissioner for Scotland)

To be held at: The Dovecot Centre (10 Infirmary St.) and the Institute of Geography (Drummond St.), Edinburgh.

Places are limited, so please contact Giselle as soon as possible.

Elizabeth Olson, University of Edinburgh

Peter Hopkins, University of Newcastle

Rachel Pain, University of Durham

Giselle Vincett, University of Edinburgh: gvincett@ed.ac.uk

Read more about the Religion and Society Programme projects which form the basis for this workshop and listen to interviews with the research team here.

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