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[Image] The event will take place at the British Library

Faith and Policy- Where Next for Religion in the Public Sphere?

01 July 10

AHRC/ESRC Religion and Society Programme with the Faiths and Civil Society Unit, Goldsmith’s, British Library, London, UK 1st July 2010

Read the write up of this conference here.

This one-day conference explores the rapidly changing relations of faith and policy. It asks ‘where next?’ for the policy rhetorics of the last decade – community, cohesion, and social capital; prevention of violent extremism/‘radicalisation’; the ‘sectoralisation’ and ‘mainstreaming’ of faith-based work.

The participatory format will be structured around lively debates between leading speakers representing different points of view, followed by facilitated debate from the floor.

The focus will be on the UK, though comparative international perspectives are welcomed. Selected papers and podcasts will be available through this website.

The registration fee, which covers tea, coffee and lunch by Peyton catering, is £25 waged and £10 unwaged. The conference is subsidised by the Religion and Society Programme. Registration has closed.


9.30 Registration

10.00 Introduction: Adam Dinham (Director, Faiths & Civil Society Unit, Goldsmiths), Linda Woodhead (Professor of Sociology of Religion, Lancaster University)

10.15 What’s New about Public Religion in the UK?

Vivien Lowndes (Professor of Local Government Studies, De Montfort University)

Grace Davie (Professor Emeritus, Sociology of Religion, Exeter University)

Chair: Linda Woodhead (Professor of Sociology of Religion, Lancaster University)

11.00 Community Cohesion and Social Capital

Richard Farnell (Professor of Neighbourhood Regeneration, Coventry University)

A.C.Grayling (Professor of Philosophy, Birkbeck College)

Chair: Francis Davis (Co-Author Moral, But No Compass)

12.00 Faith, Community and the Active Citizen

Doreen Finneron (Executive Director of the Faith-based Regeneration Network)

Luke Bretherton (Senior Lecturer in Theology & Politics, King’s College, London)

Chair: Adam Dinham (Director, Faiths & Civil Society Unit, Goldsmiths)

1.00 LUNCH

1.45 Prevention of Violent Extremism

Philip Lewis (Honorary Visiting Lecturer, Dept of Peace Studies, Bradford University)

Arun Kundnani (Author of Spooked: How Not to Prevent Violent Extremism)

Chair: Paul Eedle (Middle East Journalist)

2.45 Social Enterprise, the Voluntary Sector and ‘Mainstreaming’ Faith

Francis Davis (Co-Author Moral, But No Compass)

Margaret Harris (Emeritus Professor of Voluntary Sector Organisation, Aston)

Chair: John Devine (Churches’ Officer for the North West)


4.00 Changing conceptions of public faith – faith as critical or as instrumental?

Haleh Afshar (Professor of Middle Eastern Politics, & House of Lords)

Bhikhu Parekh (House of Lords)

Chair: Andrew Brown (Editor of ‘Comment is Free, Belief’, The Guardian)

5.00 END

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