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Everyday lived Islam

03 March 11

The Center for European Islamic Thought, Copenhagen University and The AHRC/ESRC Religion and Society Programme, UK March 3rd 2011 12pm-6pm and 4th 9am-4pm 2011

We are interested in concrete practices and identities, commitments and convictions: what is characteristic of daily Muslim life? What forms the reality of Islam for young people? What sort of generational change have occurred? When, if and how does Islam matter for Muslims and what other identities and aspects are relevant? As contemporary life is constituted by many different aspects, sentiments and domains which cross the boundaries of public/private, we encourage research which discusses these complexities, and reflects on methods and approaches and/or findings, concepts and theories.

For questions and information regarding the seminar and to register, please contact secretary Emil B.Saggau: esa@teol.ku.dk no later than February 25 2011. Please the attachment below for the full programme.

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