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14 November 11

9am-4.30pm, November 14th 2011, London/9am-4.30pm, November 15th 2011, York

Funded by HEFCE, the Religious Literacy Leadership in Higher Education Programme works with HEIs to improve the quality of conversation and practices about religious faith in campuses and in wider society. The programme has so far worked with 23 Vice Chancellors and their deputies, and upwards of 80 Senior Managers and Leaders in institutions across the country on issues concerning the role of religion in student experience, equality and diversity, widening participation and social mobility, and good campus relations.

The programme was extensively evaluated (a report and summary are available on our website, www.ReligiousLiteracyHE.org) and one of the key findings was the widespread perception of the potential value added in HEIs by engagement with issues of religious faith at a time of economic and social stress. For example, working with faith groups institutions can provide a more religiously literate student experience, avoid expensive and divisive equality litigation, promote a culture of openness, trust and enquiry, and work in community partnerships to prevent the divisions which often arise when there is financial strain and high levels of unemployment.

Following the success of these workshops last year we will be holding two further workshops in November, one in London and one in York. These free workshops will explore the processes, impacts and experiences of developing strategy in relation to religion in higher education settings.

There will also be opportunities to meet with counterparts in other institutions and in faith-related settings to exchange skills and learning and consider potential for partnership and networking around these issues.

To register for one of these workshops please visit the following link:


The Programme is led by Dr Adam Dinham (Goldsmiths) who has also run the FaithXChange network funded by Religion and Society: www.faithxchange.org.uk. Listen to him speaking at an event on Faith and Policy in July 2010 co-organised by the Religion and Society Programme here.

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