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Music in Shamanic Ritual - ARGO-EMR 2010 Michaelmas Term seminar series

13 October 10

Week 1            Prof. Boudewijn Walraven

13 Oct             (Director of Korean Studies, University of Leiden)

                        Music and efficacy in Korean shamanic rituals 


Week 3            Dr. Simon Mills                  

27 Oct             (Department of Music, University of Durham)

Transforming and Transporting the spirit: healing music in Korean shamanic ritual

                                             *venue: 64 Banbury Road (for wk3 only)

Week 5            Dr. Anna Stirr

10 Nov            (Faculty of Music and St John’s College, University of Oxford)

                        Spirit possession and the ordinary in Nepali music and culture


Week 7            Prof. Helen Rees

24 Nov            (Department of Ethnomusicology, UCLA)

                        Ritual performances in Southwest China: what we can learn from the



Convenors: Seonsam Na KMD and Dr. Elisabeth Hsu

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