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'Making Multiculturalism Work: Enabling Practical Action across Deep Difference' Launch Event

19 June 13

Theos invites you to attend a launch event for its latest report, entitled Making Multiculturalism Work, written by David Barclay.

This timely report, produced in collaboration with the Contextual Theology Centre, draws on new research into two current major initiatives: community organising and Near Neighbours. It argues that in the light of the widespread rejection of state multiculturalism, we need a new approach to living together, grounded in localised, practical 'political friendships' across religious and cultural difference. In order to build these relationships we should abandon any ‘progressive tests’, in which groups are required to show that they are sufficiently politically progressive in order to merit a ‘place at the table’. Instead we should use ‘relational tests’, in which organisations must be willing to work with people from different backgrounds and perspectives. We should also let people be open and honest about their motivations and objectives – religious and secular – rather than suppressing difference in pursuit of an impossible neutrality.

Given renewed debates around multiculturalism in recent weeks, this research and the realistic and grounded recommendations are even more urgent. I do hope you will be able to join us on 19th June. The event will begin with wine and canapés at 6.45pm, with the presentation beginning at 7.30pm. The evening will finish by 8.45pm. RSVP to events@theosthinktank.co.uk if you will be able to attend, and feel free to circulate this invitation to colleagues.

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