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Project Guidance

This page provides some helpful information for Award Holders. It is supplementary to the AHRC's Terms and Conditions. Please contact the RCUK Shared Services Centre (details at end) with any queries about your award, particularly project changes.

The Progress of Your Project

We will contact you annually for an update on your project over the past year. Peta Ainsworth will ask you to complete an Annual Progress Report (which functions as an end of project report for us at the point your project finishes) and arrange a ‘phone call between Linda Woodhead and the Principal Investigator. 

RCUK Research Outcomes System (ROS)

The process for submitting information to the funders at the end of an award has changed. Please read the information below from Research Councils UK.

ROS is a web-based system that allows users to provide research outcomes information to the four Research Councils. Users can log into the system and add outcomes information, comprising both narrative and data, under nine different categories, as follows:

  • Publications
  • Other Research Outputs
  • Collaboration/Partnership
  • Further Funding
  • Staff Development
  • Dissemination/Communication
  • IP and Exploitation
  • Award/Recognition
  • Impact

Each of these categories has various sub-sections and explanatory guidance to help make the system easy to use.

Research council final reports are being streamlined so that you need only provide information in the final report which is not covered by ROS. The Research Councils involved will contact their grant holders individually with more details about this.

Some key benefits and features of the Research Outcomes System are:

  • Outcomes can be inputted at any time during the lifetime of a grant and beyond, not just at the end as with a final report.
  • Existing data can be uploaded from HEIs own research information systems, helping to minimise having to submit the same information to the Research Councils.
  •  A bulk upload option allows multiple publication and conference related outputs to be submitted at the same time, saving time and effort.
  •  HEIs have the ability to submit information to ROS on your behalf.
  • Access to ROS can be delegated to any other Je-S registered users, including joint investigators or co-investigators, and research managers.
  • ROS takes account of and, where possible, accommodates the reporting requirements of other bodies, for example the UK Funding Councils’ Research Excellence Framework (REF) and Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) data returns.
  • Will help the Research Councils streamline final reports.

ROS will be available at www.rcuk.ac.uk/researchoutcomes and you can log-in using your Je-S account details.

Please contact Je-S if you have forgotten your password at this link: https://je-s.rcuk.ac.uk/jes2WebLoginSite/Forgot.aspx, or alternatively contact: Je-S Helpdesk by emailing: JeSHelp@rcuk.ac.uk

A set of updated frequently asked questions about the ROS is available on our website, but if you would like any further information or have any questions, please email us at: researchoutcomes@rcuk.ac.uk

Wider Dissemination of Your Research

As it says in the AHRC T&Cs, wider dissemination of project findings is expected and it is part of the purpose of the Programme. The ESRC Communications Toolkit provides a lot of good ideas and advice on how to communicate your research: http://www.esrcsocietytoday.ac.uk/ESRCInfoCentre/CTK/. Please do reference the Programme in your activities. We highly recommend creating and keeping up to date a project website to which we can link from the Programme website.

We are very keen to promote individual projects via our website. Therefore, please tell us about events your project organises/engages in, outputs (especially publications), media activities, or anything else you think is of wider interest, and we will post them on the site. Also, photos/AV materials arising from your project, which can be placed in the public domain and you think we could present on the Programme website, are very welcome. Please e-mail everything to Rebecca Catto, and inform Trish White at the AHRC about events etc as they also need go on the AHRC website.


As the T&Cs state, you are expected to attend Programme events. We may also invite you to participate in other events and activities over the course of the Programme such as international conferences and hope you will be willing to take part.

PhD Students- you will be contacted about doctoral workshops organised either by or in relation to the Programme, which often have a methods training focus and would be very good for you to attend.

If we are preparing anything for dissemination specifically about your project, we will, out of courtesy, contact you to check the content.  Please respond as swiftly as possible to any requests for approval.


RCUK Shared Services Centre (SSC):

Team A (History and Thought)
Team Email: AHRCHistoryandThought@ssc.rcuk.ac.uk  
Team Phone: 01793 867832


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