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Our Aims

Here is a summary of the Programme's original aims:

A. Research

1. Knowledge: advance knowledge and understanding of religion and society.

2. Interdisciplinarity: promote effective working between disciplines and build new connections and understandings.

3. Intellectual capacity: develop an enduring research field in terms of theories, methods, sources, materials and case studies which will enable comparative analyses of religion and society to be undertaken.

4. Human capacity: develop the research community by supporting new researchers and integrating them with established ones.

B. Knowledge Exchange

5. Stakeholders: facilitate exchange between researchers and non-academic stakeholders, including those in government agencies, public, charitable and voluntary bodies, the creative industries, the cultural and heritage sectors (including museums and galleries).

6. Public and Voluntary Sectors: Provide insights of practical and policy relevance.

7. Research subjects: promote effective working relations between researchers and the researched, including religious organisations and their members.

8. General Public: contribute to public awareness by disseminating findings and addressing current issues of public concern through outputs directed at a wide audience (including web pages, exhibitions, performances, public lectures and broadcasts).

C. Scope

9. Make a significant international impact within the field.

For the full description of the aims and intellectual scope and rationale of the Programme see the Programme Specification.

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